Scotland CSS

Edinburgh, June 1st 2016

Interview with Umar Hansa

Umar Hansa

An A to Z of CSS

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you come from and what hobbies you have and what you do for a living?

Born in Mauritius but raised in London, I became passionate about web development at a young age while stereotypically making my first website in Frontpage. I continued making websites and at some point landed my first job at Shazam where I’ve worked for 5 years.

I’m also part of a programme called the Google Developer Experts, I don’t like using the word expert, but that’s the name of the programme. It’s designed to recognise achievements from people in the Community. I’ve written a few web-dev related tutorials and should probably write some more.

What aspects of tech grabs your attention?

If we’re talking about tech in general, I think it’s the fact that there is always something new, so you can never get too bored, guaranteed. I guess if you’re maybe an archaeologist you might get bored one day because there haven’t been any new advancements recently. But with technology, every single day, there’s always something. So you never get bored and it kind of keeps you sharp and challenges you – it’s good for the mind.

What your talk is about and why you're excited about it without giving too much away?

It’s about CSS and some of the lesser known features of CSS. I hope to cover a few features that people aren’t aware of. For example, the title of the talk is: “A to Z of CSS” and there is a property for the letter W called will-change. It’s been spoken about recently in a few articles but I would take a guess and say that it’s not commonly known and most people aren’t using it in their css – but it’s a powerful one to know.

How you came to find out about ScotlandCSS?

That’s interesting, it was actually last year that I was trying to apply for Scotland JS, I got accepted and I was super excited but then it turned out, through work, that I’d already been booked to go to Front-Trends. I know right, first world problems, but I was very happy to be going and very sad to miss Scotland JS – so I made a promise that I have to speak next year. But then I noticed Scotland CSS and decided to give it a go.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about ScotlandCSS?

I totally trust that the talks will be great and so will the speakers but for me, it has that local feel to it. It’s the diverse set of attendees and speakers which I think will be interesting to learn from.

Just the very act of being able to say “Hey, what are some of the mistakes you’ve made at work recently” and being able to learn from that – is a very valuable thing which is hard to get in other places.

Ian Burrett

Interview by Ian Burrett