Scotland CSS

Edinburgh, June 1st 2016

CSSclasses is for beginners and experts alike: Using CSS as a simple and low-barrier entry language, we empower people to understand their browser and to learn how to experiment with code. Workshop and hackathon in one event.

What is CSSClasses?

CSSClasses are one day events for people who are interested in learning how they can create and manipulate elements on a website. A group of experienced developers will be by your side all day and make sure you return home with a lot of new knowledge. The event itself is seperated into two parts: A workshop where you will learn how to get creative with CSS and a hackathon where you can then make your hands dirty and work on your own little fun project.

Where and When?

This edition of CSSClasses will be held in the Event Space at Codebase starting at 9:30am until 5pm.

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Kevin Lorenz



Suzanne McCulley



Katie Fenn

Writing Modular Stylesheets with CSS Modules

Lewis Cowper

Approachable projects on the web of 2016

Ian Burrett