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Edinburgh, July 18th 2018


Bias, Uncovered

Tuesday 17th July

Bias, Uncovered, is an interactive, multimedia session designed to challenge you to uncover your own cognitive biases and explore how understanding them can help us design for the behaviours we encounter every day and the products and services we design for in our own work.

One of the most powerful things we can do as people who design great products is to shape the behavior of the people who use our products. To nudge people to make decisions that will make their jobs easier, live healthier, connect with their friends more often. But in order to this well, we must not only help people understand their own biases, but also understand our own.

This interactive, multimedia session will challenge you to uncover the cognitive biases we might not realize we encounter every day, and to unpack what understanding them might mean for the behaviors we design for every day. In particular, we’ll learn about a few examples of three particular cognitive biases in the real world: in restaurants, movies, and yes, digital products as well. Then, we’ll reflect on how these may be relevant to our own user experience research and design processes, and finally, we’ll work through a framework to integrate these cognitive biases into our UX design process so that we can design for positive behavioral change.


Crystal C. Yan: @crystalcy

Crystal Yan is a design and product leader with international experience in emerging markets, committed to transforming companies to be more design driven and with experience using behavioral design and artificial intelligence to create meaningful user experiences.

Currently, Crystal is freelance researcher and designer serving healthcare, education, finance, and nonprofit clients. She has spoken at conferences in the US, Chile, Germany, Ireland, China, and more.

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